The complete guide to how Rock Bands should sell merchandise


Anthrax sold 150 items in one day!

nextsocial is the leading platform for musicians and bands, who want to sell merchandise on social networks. Our deals have been already viewed by over 100M fans around the world on the official pages of Enrique Iglesias, Union J, Olly Murs and rock bands such as Anthrax, Motorhead, Slayer, Hed P.E. and many more.  

Music fans love merchandise, especially if it’s of someone they admire, and even more if it’s of items that you can’t get in shops and only appear randomly at concerts.

Which is also why nextsocial makes it easy for bands and musicians, who never had any merchandise to easily produce and sell merchandise and all at one place- visit nextsocial’s all-in-one solution for more information.

Where to start:

1. Choosing your product

The first step to every great deal is choosing the right product. Three things to consider when thinking about what you want to sell:

  • Is the product easy to ship internationally?
  • Would the price after shipping be affordable for my fans?
  • Is the product something that your fans would really want?

2. Make it exclusive or limited

The secret to a great deal is understanding your fan base, and awarding them with deals they want- like pre-sale of a new album, discounted t-shirts from the latest tour, limited concert tickets and more. Everybody wants to feel special!

3. Think of it as a campaign

Sure anybody can just post something on Facebook and add a link and hope for the best… Good deals will always sell, but good deals can sell better with a pre-planned campaign and bad deals can significantly improve by how you post your deal.

  • Set your stock, know when you launch, when the deal ends and plan out your posts before hand, no excuses! You can even add a teaser before it starts.
  • Make it personal, post a video explaining about the deal, or add a unique picture with the product to help the deal go viral.
  • Attack from all fronts- your deal may be on Facebook, but if your audience is also on YouTube, Twitter or Pinterest- a cross-platform campaign can get a real buzz started.
  • Put some money into it- this is definitely not a must! But highly recommended in order to get as many of your fans to see the posts and these days with Facebook’s changing algorithm it’s almost an industry standard.


Seems complicated?

That’s why here at nextsocial we provide close support in order to help you make the best choices. After all, all revenues go directly to the seller, meaning that all we’re doing is helping you get money- by helping with product details, setting up the deal and giving you all the tools from order reports, statistics and more. Basically, you just need to collect the money… and maybe sending the envelopes- But that’s it!

Click here for more information on how to get started!


Why it’s the perfect time to sell on Facebook

facebook likes

Facebook recently celebrated ten years since being founded back in 2004, and since then a lot has changed. True, over the years social media experts have constantly been advising not to use Facebook for selling stuff, but after ten years with the platform becoming more and more commercial with each year, people are starting to use Facebook differently.

While once companies only used Facebook for their public image, updating with various announcements or playing word games for small prizes, fans seem to no longer be amused and are looking to generate a purpose for their loyalty.

Moreover, today Facebook users are on the verge of social feed meltdown, trying to find a way through all their news feed ‘like’ updates, which are blocking posts that they really want to see. Add to that the fact that Facebook algorithm aims to show you what you like, but eventually brings you a lot of articles from companies who boost their posts.

Which is why it’s the perfect time to give fans a reason to follow you, by giving them exclusive deals and award them for their loyalty and the results are amazing.

And Facebook already acknowledged this new trend by testing a new BUY button, which could eventually pose a new revenue stream for the company. But with a 30% service fee, which is a standard of Facebook payments, not every company can afford this (plus if you ever tried to advertise on Facebook, you’ll be surprised at how difficult and not customizable their interface is).

Of course you can’t sell everything on Facebook- it has to easy, something your fans would want, and a limited offer.

And this is the secret of nextsocial, we identify what your audience will buy (by analyzing your page’s success over the years) and we then help you set up a deal that will maximize your conversion. And the best thing is, its super easy, happens all in 3-clicks and all on Facebook! Which is why we provide conversions of up to 25%, higher than any e-commerce shop or Facebook shop.

Visit our case studies for great examples of how to generate revenues from Facebook.


Why Facebook users follow brands

facebook-dealNow is the time for rethink

A new study (LMU Munich & Webguerilla`s Agency) considers the question why Facebook users like some brands more than others. The result: Brand loyalty works on social media platforms totally different than in classical advertising channels.

Marketeers who want to create fans in the social web have to rethink. Surprisingly the sympathy for brands plays on Facebook only a minor part. Consumers favor instead special offers and additional information. That creates customer loyalty and reward the fans. Good bargains create also closeness to a brand. The inquiry shows as well that even 85,6% of those polled would give a like to a brand although they have no sympathy for it. Interesting fact.

This pragmatical development opens new ways for offers and promotion on Facebook. With the nextsocial campaign tool you can easily create exclusive fan offers, sell them directly on Facebook and advertise them on multiple media channels. Get started now!